Our story

Martin Thacker, a Canadian expat, founder and CEO of Bronson, established the company in 2010 not long after he arrived in Berlin, Germany. At that time he was working as an artist and photographer with his North American 110-Volt photo equipment, which needed to be converted for the standard European electric system that operates at a 230-Volt grid. To his frustration, he found very limited options, the few solutions available being either unhandy or very expensive, finally deciding to develop his own simple, reliable and affordable solution for this problem. It quickly became clear that there was a larger user group with similar needs as travelers and other expats, trying to use electrical equipment overseas, from musical up to kitchen appliances. Since then, the business has continued to grow and extend its diverse range of power solutions, focusing on creating intelligent and well-designed products, it now serves markets beyond the household expat market including high tech companies and institutions that need to operate specialty equipment with specific power needs.
In 2018 the company launched the Bronson Outdoor project, embarking on a journey to develop products for the rapidly growing e-mobility market. Taking from our experience in power conversion technology and applying this to the marine and outdoor market, where there are very limited and often unaffordable solutions to help people transition from fuel-burning power to clean energy. Through lean product development and a highly efficient supply chain, we are now bringing to the market safe, reliable, and long-lasting power solution products developed at the highest quality while maintaining affordable prices.
As a group, we combine a diverse global team of dynamic characters focused around a common goal of creating useful and sustainable products. Our team’s fast product development and e-commerce deployment create rapid growth while prioritizing our customer responsiveness and continual improvement to our products builds brand value over time. From the early beginnings of the company, we have worked with a diverse global team across many countries and time zones. As such, we provide the possibility for flexible working schedules that are not location-specific. Our experience has shown that this way of working brings higher productivity and work satisfaction for our team members by promoting responsibility and autonomy focused on common goals. We work for you but also with you, hoping to involve you in our ideas and visions as users of our products.


Our Product development philosophy is based around simplicity. Even though we are a leading supplier of electrical solutions to high tech firms we also know that not all of our customers are professional engineers or trained electrical installers. We understand how to build solutions for the DIY customers who are trying to build out their own systems and don’t have the time to deal with unnecessarily complicated products.

Great Value

We are able to provide great value through a modern direct-to-consumer supply chain - where our competitors typically use a complex system of wholesale and retail partners multiplying the price at each stage we can offer huge savings with a direct to customer approach.


Offering great value does not mean cutting corners - in today's highly competitive product markets there tends to be a lot of companies using inferior components and materials to save a few pennies on production costs and these products often fail within just a few years or months after purchase. At Bronson we take sustainability seriously and develop products that are built to endure and stand up to real world usage.
Working at Bronson

The Bronson team focuses on product development, brand building, e-commerce, and global logistics to bring great products to customers at incredible value. Bronson is based out of the MotionLab in Berlin – an active co-working hub for startup companies, entrepreneurs and product developers. We have an extended network of freelancers and partner companies helping us develop and manage our projects globally.