Bronson BPS 3500 (2400W)

  • Automatic and uninterrupted power backup UPS
  • AC Pure Sine Wave Output 230V AC
  • Battery Bank Voltage: 48 V

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The Bronson BPS series is a pure sine wave UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) product designed to both stabilize incoming grid power and to provide a backup power supply in the case of complete grid failure. Designed specifically for applications requiring stable uninterrupted grid power in places where the grid power may be unstable or intermittent. The BPS series supports applications such as data servers, critical medical equipment, video and graphic rendering and many more.

Available in 1KW, 2KW, and 3.5KW power ranges the BPS series covers a wide range of single phase AC grid applications requiring UPS backup and voltage regulation. The BPS series uses ultra fast switching technology to quickly adapt to fluctuations and power cuts. In the event of complete power failure (blackouts) the BPS will run off of a connected battery, the user will be alerted to the total run time will depend on the power requirements of the load and the capacity of the battery bank - if longer outages are expected then larger battery banks can be installed as well as generators to supply power until the grid power returns.
Maximum Power
Rated Current Output
Input Voltage
145V-275V will run in AC stabilizion mode (adjusting up or down to normalize voltage - when outside this range it will change to battery backup mode)
Output Voltage
Inverter mode: 220V (+/-3%)
Stabilizer mode: 190-245V
Input Connectors
screw terminal
Output Connectors
2 x EU (Type F)
screw terminal
Switch Type
circuit breaker switch
Overcurrent Protection
Product Dimensions
23.0 x 22.0 x 33.5 cm (H x L x W)
Product Weight
16.9 kg