Bronson MII-D 1000

  • Toroidal transformer with galvanic isolation for the operation and repair of 110 volt appliances on both 230 and 110 volt power grids
  • Maximum capacity: 1,000 watts
  • Operating capacity: 800 watts

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The Bronson MII-D Series multi input isolation transformers are designed to provide stabilized and isolated 110V output from either 220V-240V European grid power or 100V-120V American grid power. Created to provide enhanced safety while maintaining high efficiency for a variety of electrical power supply installations. This transformer allows the creation of a ‘floating’ 110V AC circuit (secondary circuit of the transformer) isolated from the AC power supply (primary circuit of the transformer). This can provide protection against electrolytic corrosion in marine applications where boats may travel between 110v and 230v countries. They can also be used as standard isolation transformers in any application where additional protection is required beyond the scope of normal auto transformers or installations sensitive to corrosion and can enhance safety in electrical workbench installations where testing and repair of devices can otherwise create dangerous situations.

The Bronson MII-D models achieve 98% transmission efficiency using highly efficient silicon steel toroidal core transformers. Solid build quality and sturdy mounting brackets on the case will enable for use in boating and RV applications.

When operating the Bronson TT models, please ensure that the total rated power (number of watts) of all connected devices does not exceed the maximum rated power of the transformer. Please Note: Individual output sockets will supply a maximum of 16A to any load or combination of loads, while the output terminals will carry a maximum load according to the maximum power rating of the specific model.
Maximum Power
Maximum Power in Continuous Use
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
100-120V (corresponds to half the input voltage)
Input Connectors
EU (Type F)
UK (Type G)
Output Connectors
US (Type B)
screw terminal
Switch Type
toggle switch
Overcurrent Protection
Overheat Protection
Transformer Type
toroidal core
Galvanic Isolation
Output Waveform
true sine
Efficiency Rating
50/60 Hz (output frequency corresponds to the input frequency, no frequency conversion)
Product Dimensions
11.3 x 21.7 x 19.0 cm (H x L x W)
Product Weight
6.5 kg