Bronson TI 1000

  • Voltage converter for the operation of American, Japanese, and other 110 volt devices on European 230 volt mains supply
  • Conversely, this voltage converter can be used to operate 220-240 volt devices on 100-120 volt power grids
  • Maximum power: 1000 watts
  • Maximum performance in continuous operation (longer than 30 min): 800 watts

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Bronson TI Series is a highly versatile voltage converter with Step Up and Step Down capabilities for converterting between European 230V and American 110V grid power. The new Bronson TI Series prioritizes efficiency, reliability and build quality above all else. It brings new generation toroidal transformer design technology into a safe and robust design that is easy to install and safe to use. Compact and relatively light weight, these voltage converters are ideal for travelers bringing equipment between 110V and 230V countries.

TI Series converters are easily adaptable by providing dual AC voltage input options and simultaneous dual AC voltage output ports using EU Schuko and UK sockets for the 230V supply, and a grounded USA Nema socket for 110v output supply. The Bronson TI models provide a flexible power supply, usable both as Step Down Voltage Converters for converting European 220V-240V grid power down to 110V-120V American grid power, and vice versa, becoming Step Up Voltage Converters for converting 110V-120V USA electric grid power into 220V-240V European grid power. Multiple AC power appliances may be connected to the 110V or 220V outlets using a power strip so long as the total combined wattage ratings of all connected appliances do not exceed the maximum continuous usage watt rating for the converter.

The TI Series voltage converters provide stable and distortion free AC pure sine wave outputs that are suitable for nearly all AC voltage appliances. The ultra efficient and silent toroidal cores are made with high grade silicon steel resulting in maximum transmission efficiency with very low noise and resistance. Achieving 98% conversion efficiency, these AC voltage transformers will save money over time compared to most other converters through higher efficiency in standby consumption and under load. The Bronson TI Series has been designed with professional sound studio applications in mind but are equally suited to the general home environment.

Please note that TI Series voltage converters will convert only the AC voltage and not convert the AC frequency (Hz) between 50Hz and 60Hz and so may not be suitable for all applications. Please check with the maker of your devices to ensure compatibility with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply.
Maximum Power
Maximum Power in Continuous Use
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
100-120V (corresponds to half the input voltage)
200-240V (corresponds to twice the input voltage)
Input Connectors
EU (Type F) IEC cord
UK (Type G) IEC cord
Note that also US (Type B) or other IEC cords can be connected to the IEC socket of the converter, but are not included in the scope of delivery
Output Connectors
EU (Type F)
UK (Type G)
US (Type B)
Switch Type
toggle switch
Overcurrent Protection
Overheat Protection
Transformer Type
toroidal core
Galvanic Isolation
Output Waveform
true sine
Efficiency Rating
50/60 Hz (output frequency corresponds to the input frequency, no frequency conversion)
Product Dimensions
13.0 x 19.2 x 14.8 cm (H x L x W)
Product Weight
4.3 kg