Bronson VC 1000

  • Variable transformer to convert 230 volts AC to 0-300 volts AC
  • Maximum capacity: 1,000 watts
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The Bronson VC Series are a traditional style manually adjustable AC variable output voltage transformer - commonly called a variac transformer. The VC Series transformers are designed for 220V-240V input and can be continuously adjusted between 0V-300V AC pure sine wave output by rotating the output dial to the desired output level. They can be used in any application that requires fine tuning of the AC voltage such as dimming lighting, regulating AC motor speeds, adjusting AC heat applications (ovens, roasting), product development and testing / repair.
Maximum Power
Rated Current Output
4 A
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
0-300V (no voltage stabilization, in case of input voltage fluctuations, the output voltage varies with the input voltage)
Input Connectors
EU (Type F) IEC cord
Output Connectors
EU (Type F)
screw terminal
Switch Type
toggle switch
Overcurrent Protection
Overheat Protection
Transformer Type