Bronson VRG 1000

  • Stabilizes the incoming voltage to 230V AC power with a pure sine wave (European line voltage)
  • Voltage fluctuations within a range of 140V - 270V are automatically compensated and regulated to 230V

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The Bronson SRG Series voltage stabilizers can regulate incoming AC single phase power between 140V-260V for equipment requiring a stable AC power supply where significant voltage fluctuations might compromise the performance or cause damage to the connected AC power equipment.

The AC output will be stabilized at 230V (+/- 5%) between the input range of 140V - 260V. The VRG series is intended to be used in home, commercial and industrial applications where grid voltage fluctuations could compromise the AC voltage equipment being used. In particular compressors for air conditioners and refrigeration can be sensitive to low voltage and can benefit from stable power.
Maximum Power
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
220V (+/-3%)
Input Connectors
EU (Type F)
Output Connectors
2 x EU (Type F)
Product Dimensions
11.4 x 19.5 x 11.7 cm (H x L x W)
Product Weight
2.4 kg