Bronson WTI 4000

  • Voltage converter for the operation of American, Japanese, and other 110 volt devices on European 230 volt mains supply
  • Conversely, this voltage converter can be used to operate 220-240 volt devices on 100-120 volt power grids
  • Maximum power: 4000 watts
  • Maximum performance in continuous operation (longer than 30 min): 3200 watts

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Bronson WTI Series is designed to be an extremely robust and versatile voltage converter for both Step Up and Step Down AC voltage conversion applications. Converting European AC 230V to 110V American grid power in the Step Down mode and 110V AC American grid power to European 230V in the Step up mode. The WTI series provides pure sine wave power conversion from 3kW up to 10kW maximum continuous rating, achieving 98% by utilizing a high efficiency silicon steel toroidal core.

The Bronson WTI Series provides current overload protection on both 110V and 230V inputs as well as on each output socket. Inputs & Outputs can be easily wired using the terminal connections and additional output sockets are available for EU Schuko, UK, and grounded USA Nema plugs. Multiple AC power appliances may be connected to the 110V or 220V sockets using a power strip so long as the total combined wattage ratings of all connected appliances do not exceed 16A rating of the sockets, the bolt terminals will support continuous loads corresponding to the maximum watt rating of the converter. The Bronson WTI series features a mounting bracket that allows it to be vertically wall mounted or horizontally fixed down for motion sensitive installations like RV’s

Please note that WTI Series voltage converters will convert only the AC voltage and not convert the AC frequency (Hz) between 50Hz and 60Hz and so may not be suitable for all applications. Please check with the maker of your load devices to ensure compatibility with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply.
Maximum Power
Maximum Power in Continuous Use
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
100-120V (corresponds to half the input voltage)
200-240V (corresponds to twice the input voltage)
Input Connectors
screw terminal
Output Connectors
EU (Type F)
UK (Type G)
US (Type B)
Power Limits of the Output Sockets
15A (corresponds to 1650W at 110V and 3450W at 230V)
Switch Type
circuit breaker switch
Overcurrent Protection
Overheat Protection
Transformer Type
toroidal core
Galvanic Isolation
Output Waveform
true sine
Efficiency Rating
50/60 Hz (output frequency corresponds to the input frequency, no frequency conversion)
Product Dimensions
15.7 x 31.2 x 27.2 cm (H x L x W)
Product Weight
12.7 kg